The Oasis Community Pantry is one of a growing number of community food projects across the UK, supplying low cost, high quality surplus food each week to local residents.  We’re partnering with Sholing Football club and The Big Difference, who work to reduce the amount of food sent to landfill by providing a way to match up surplus, in-date food with individuals and families on low incomes. We are being supported by Jewsons, Tescos and the Coop as well as the two Oasis academies on the East of Southampton.

Our Pantry will be open every Thursday  9.30am  to 6.00pm , at Sholing Football club. If you feel that this project can support you then we’d love to invite you to become a member.  All are welcome. For a weekly membership fee of £5 there will be a selection of fresh, chilled and store cupboard food and toiletries available each week for you to select from. To an approx.. value of £20-£25.

How to join.

Please click the link below for the self-referral form.  Just fill this in, then we’ll be in touch to confirm your membership. Oasis Community Pantry Membership Form